Water from Wine: a local non-profit winery helping to fight the global water crisis

PATERSON, WA - 'Tis the season of giving... and one father-daughter duo really have a good idea of what that means. The two have started up a fairly new winery in the tiny town of Paterson that's making a worldwide impact. 

It's estimated that more than 650 million people in the world don't have access to clean water. Jamie Ssenkubuge believes that is a low estimate and she has seen it firsthand. 

"People carrying their cans of water for miles and miles," Ssenkubuge said. She grew up in Paterson but spent five years living in places like Tanzania and Uganda. She has a true passion for development work. 

"If you have clean water you can be educated," said Ssenkubuge. "You can be healthy. You can live a productive life and who doesn't want that for their family."

Speaking of family: enter Jamie's father. Patrick Tucker is from Walla Walla but has been a successful farmer in Paterson for more than 40 years.

"I was abducted about 22 years ago and I was held for 18 hours," said Tucker. "Ransom was paid and I was released. When I got back, my friend said to me, 'there must be some big idea that God has in mind for you. It's taken all these years but I think this is it."

The 'this' he is referring to is Water from Wine: the non-profit winery supported by volunteers he started with Jamie. 

"We had 150 volunteers out this year," Tucker said.

Those volunteers helped to harvest six acres of grapes. Then, 100% of the proceeds from the bottles of wine is given away to help fight the global water crisis.

"Well it's not cost-effective at all," laughed Tucker. "But our goal is to be social entrepreneurs."

"We're a funding organization," said Ssenkubuge. "So we find non-profits that are doing the work on the ground and we help fund their projects."

You know it's good wine, too, because it's made by well-known winemaker Charlie Hoppes. 

Each bottle is $30 and can be purchased online or at Templeman's (when in stock) in Kennewick.

Water from Wine website: CLICK HERE

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