What you should and shouldn't shred on Shred Day

RICHLAND, WA - Shred Day is just two days away, so the big question that comes up often is: what can you shred and what do you need to keep?

These documents should be split into three groups: documents you can get rid of right away, the ones you can shred after a year, and the important documents you need to keep for seven years.

As for what you can shred right away? Numerica Credit Union says anything like monthly bank statements or anything you receive often that would be easily accessible if you were to need another copy.

"If it's something like a monthly statement, shred the most recent one, shred the rest," said Elizabeth Giles with Numerica Credit Union. "Having them laying around is an easy way for fraudsters to grab that information and start building a profile for you. When you're looking at the things to shred once a year, you're going to keep your pay stubs and anything that's supporting your tax documents until you file your taxes."

Giles says any documents you actually use on your tax forms, you should keep for seven years. She says you can lower the amount of documents you have by signing up for electronic documents with your bank or credit union.

Remember, you can drop your documents to be shredded at Numerica Credit Union on Duportail St. in Richland between 5:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Friday.

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