Woman who swam from Cuba to Florida speaks at Capitol Theatre

YAKIMA, WA - Diana Nyad is a motivational speaker, author, journalist, and swimmer... and had the chance to speak at the Capitol Theatre.

Nyad made national headlines when she successfully swam from Cuba to Florida without a shark tank. She was 64 at the time and says she found the motivation to attempt the challenge for the fifth time.

Nyad shared her story with the Yakima community on Wednesday at the Capitol Theatre.

"You just don't give up," Nyad said. "You have a dream, you're fighting cancer, you've lost your job, you're trying to get yourself back on your feet; whatever you are doing in life - you fail, you fall down, you get knocked down, you get back up."

Nyad is working on "Everwalk," a motivational program she hopes gets more people walking. There will be an Everwalk event in August in Washington, where Nyad and those who sign up will walk from the Canadian border to Seattle.

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