WSP Weigh Stations do more than just weigh trucks

GRANDVIEW, WA- Washington State Patrol weigh stations across the state weigh trucks and make sure they are safe enough to be on the roads. 

"We do a lot.  It's just not weighing trucks," said Eric Hanson, Commercial Vehicle Inspector.

The commercial vehicle weigh station in Grandview on Interstate 82, makes sure the trucks and the truck drivers are equip to be on the roads.

"We're looking at a variety of issues with the trucks, from licensing to weight and equipment. We also check the drivers and make sure we're not dealing with drowsy drivers," said Hanson.

Before the trucks even come in, a picture is taken and their information pops up on the computer inside the inspection office.  It tells inspectors what type of truck it is and even lets them see more information about that company.  Then the trucks ride over a dual pad scale.  It tells the weight that is on each axle.  Sometimes they have to do inspections. 

"Let's say an 80,000 lb truck is over 10% or over 8,000 lbs, they would have to reduce that to legal weight before they leave here.  We don't find that too often," said Hanson.

Checking weight is important for preserving roadways. 

"We build bridges out here that are meant to last for 50 years.  With all the extra weight or especially if we have a truck that's overweight, then we're looking at a bridge that's built for 50 years that's only going to last for 15 years.  That's not good.  That's not good for the people of the state of Washington," said Hanson.

During the week they see close to 150 trucks daily.  Their job here is a part of the bigger Washington State Patrol plan called "Target Zero," which is to have zero fatalities by 2030.

"We want these trucks out here, around you and your families, safe.  We want you to feel safe on the roadways with them and that's what we're here for," said Hanson. 

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