Yakima man attempts to burn wasp nest, starts fire that destroys property

YAKIMA, WA - Fire and insurance investigators conclude this fire was caused by the tenant who was cleaning up the yard, and in doing so, he found a large wasp nest and attempted to burn it in place. The nest caught fire and rapidly spread across the rear deck of the house.

This is an unfortunate example of what not to do.

Never attempt to burn anything that is attached or near a residence, this includes weeds, nests, wood, etc.

As with most Cities, it is illegal to burn any yard waste or debris within the urban areas. This is to protect not only you, but your neighbors from losing property due to embers, fires left behind to burn out or careless burning with no regard to safety.

During the summer months, we experience low relative humidity and high temperatures which dries materials out and can result in a rapid growth fire that becomes uncontrollable in seconds.

Depending on where you live, verify if you can or cannot burn with your local authority responsible for outdoor burning.

The local Fire Marshal's Office, Environmental Protection Agency, US Forest Service, Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Land Management or Clean Air Agency are all agencies that control burning regulations.

If there is a burn ban in effect, you are not to burn anything, even an outdoor fire pit can be a part of a burn ban.

If you have wasp or hornets nests to remove, a suggestion to avoid being stung, use commercially available sprays after dark when most of these pests have returned to the nest. When there is no activity at the nest, carefully remove it and dispose of it.