Yakima police chief is let go

YAKIMA, WA - Yakima's police chief has been fired. Dominic Rizzi held his title for six years.

The Yakima City Manager, Cliff Moore, did not comment on the dismissal of Rizzi, but he said Rizzi's leaving does not impact the department.

For the time being Captain Gary Jones, who has served for 32 years will be the interim Yakima police chief.

Moore says the city is going to start looking for a candidate, but they are in no rush to fill the position.

The city strongly believes the department will continue to run smoothly under Jones.

"I'm very confident with the leadership of Caption Jones stepping in as interim chief and we'll be moving forward in a positive way," said Cliff Moore, Yakima City Manager.

Moore also says the Yakima Police Department will continue to focus on tackling gang and gun violence and recruiting officers to fill in the number of vacant positions. 


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