Yakima School District needs more school bus drivers

Yakima, WA - The Yakima School District is hiring.  There is a need for more school bus drivers.  The shortage of bus drivers is not only happening in Yakima, but throughout the state.  The district is looking to fill at least six positions on their team of school bus drivers.  

The basic qualifications a candidate must have is: a minimum of five years driving experience, a clean record with no more than two speeding tickets. 

"The most important qualification is, you have to love kids, you work with them, you have to drive safe.  You get them to school, you get them home, you're the first person they see in the morning, and the last, and that impacts their day at school," said Shirley Jenkins, Director of Transportation with Yakima Public Schools.

The positions do have potential to lead to a contracted position.  If hired, the district does train new employees over a three week period.  Training includes behind the wheel driving and learning information in a classroom setting.

The district is currently accepting applications, to apply head over to the Yakima School District website and click the "Jobs Online" tab to get started.

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