10-30-18 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - Yakima County Prosecutor Joseph A. Brusic announced on Tuesday, October 30 that Yakima County Sergeant Boyer will not face any charges for an incident that happened on July 7, 2018, in which Sgt. Boyer ran over a juvenile male suspect.

Yakama Tribal Officer Pena's report states that on that Saturday at about 4:12 a.m., he was driving towards a nearby home for questioning when he noticed Sgt. Boyer had come in behind him, and subsequently saw and identified a teen matching the victim's description on the property. The teen noticed the police and started running away, and tried to hide behind some 2-3 foot tall grass off the driveway.

Officer Pena lost sight of the teen and stopped his car to head out on foot. Sgt. Boyer flanked to Officer Pena's right in his car at about 15-20 MPH and continued off the driveway into the open field, dropping to 12 MPH (speeds obtained by analysis of Boyer's vehicle's GPS), eventually stopping. Officer Pena states that he then saw the teen lying behind the tall grass face down and appeared to be in pain. Sgt. Boyer got out of his car and when Officer Pena told him he believed Boyer ran over the suspect, Pena stated that Boyer "looked in disbelief."

Sgt. Boyer called aid immediately and said he thought the suspect had continued running west.

Prosecuting Attorney Brusic states that analysis of the tire marks on the gravel driveway and field, Boyer's vehicle's GPS, and the victim's and Officer Pena's statements indicate that Sgt. Boyer did believe he was trying to contain a fleeing suspect and accidentally ran over the teen. "To criminally charge Sgt. Boyer with an assault in this situation, the evidence would need to show that he intentionally, unreasonably and with malice ran over the fleeing suspect."


7-9-18 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - A teenage boy is in stable but serious condition after he was hit by a Yakima County Sheriff's vehicle.

Nate Boyer, a sergeant with the Sheriff's Office, hit the teen while responding to a home invasion Sunday morning on Branch Road in the Harrah area.

The homeowners reported that a group of four armed young males were in their home trying to steal money and other valuables.

When Sheriff Boyer arrived, the suspects ran into a hay field and that's where the teen was hit.

"So as he turned and went into the alfalfa field he lost track of the person he saw running and then proceeded onto the backside of the house,"  explained Chief Robert Udell with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office. "When he got out of the car, a Yakima Tribal Police officer was waving at him and let him know there was a subject that had been hit by a vehicle in the field."

The Sheriff's Office also says they are unsure if the teen who was hit was involved with the robbery. Sgt. Boyer is on paid leave while the investigation is underway.



YAKIMA, WA -  A 13-year-old boy is listed in serious, but stable condition Sunday after being hit by a Yakima County Sheriff's Office sergeant's car. 

Early Saturday morning the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office deputies and officers from the Yakama Indian Nation Police Department responded to a home invasion robbery on the 11600 block of Branch Road, in the rural Harrah area.  Multiple armed suspects went into the home and confronted a resident. The suspects then took off.

 Officers determined that a possible location for the suspects was a residence located in the nearby 3900 block of Barkes Road. When they got on scene, a Yakima County Sheriff's Sergeant saw a person to the front of his car, trying to run. The sergeant steered his car into a hay field where he later hit the suspect, who ended up sustaining serious injuries.

The teen was transported to Astria Regional Medical Center by air ambulance then later airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The subject that was struck was identified as a 13-year old member of the Yakama Nation.  Investigation of the collision was performed by the Yakama Indian Nation Police Department. 

The other suspects have not been found. 

An administrative investigation was also immediately initiated by the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, who turned the investigation over to the Yakima Valley Special Investigation Unit (YVSIU), which is comprised of investigators from multiple agencies.  Command of the unit is by a Sunnyside Police Commander, and the on-scene team leader was from the Yakima Police Department.  The involved YSO sergeant was placed on Administrative Leave, which is common practice in such instances.

An investigation is ongoing and information is limited at this time. 

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