One Man Rescued, One Missing in Separate Incidents on Mt. Adams

MOUNT ADAMS, WA - A 16-year-old is recovering this morning after being rescued from Mt. Adams Tuesday night.


Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies say the teen went hiking early Tuesday morning and made it to the part of the mountain known as the "Lunch Counter." They rested for a bit, then decided to keep going.

About halfway up, the mom got altitude sickness and decided to turn around, and the two teens kept going. She ended up calling the Yakima County Sheriff's Office around 4:00 p.m. Using another hiker's phone because hers died. During the call, Deputies found out her son had several medical conditions and neither of them had food, water, or gear to spend the night. 

Later on, the friend of started getting altitude sickness and also had to turn around, and his friend kept going.

Deputies called in a helicopter from the Yakima Training Center to help find the teen. They used Forward Looking Infrared cameras to find a heat signal around 10:00 p.m. Rescuers then saw a flashlight and found the teen near the summit.

Medics took the teen to Yakima Memorial Hospital with a body temperature of 93.7 degrees. Doctors started treating him for hypothermia and reunited him with his mom and friend.  

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