TRI-CITIES, WA - Many high school students dream of being a collegiate athlete. In order to play at the college level, students must excel in their sport and meet certain academic requirements.

We recently learned the Kennewick School District's Online Learning Academy, Apex Learning, will not count toward NCAA eligibility. We reached out to the NCAA to ask about the qualification process for remote learning, and to find out if there are any exceptions during the pandemic.

Listen as Glenn Terry, Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships for the NCAA Eligibility Center, walks parents and students through the process of determining whether an online learning program meets NCAA rules.

To find out whether or not a learning platform meets NCAA academic requirements, visit For searches that do not yield any results, Terry recommends calling the NCAA at 877-262-1492 to ask the athletic association to review the online program.

According to a search on the NCAA website, it appears that in addition to Kennewick's Apex Learning, Yakima Online also does not meet NCAA rules. No information is available for Richland Virtual School, the Internet Pasco Academy of Learning (iPal), or the Yakima School District's Open Doors program.

To ask questions or voice concerns about the eligibility status of online learning platforms and any possible exceptions during the pandemic, contact the NCAA or talk to your school.