From Tuesday, April 13th until now, out of the high schools in the Kennewick School District, Kamiakin has had three reported cases in students, and one at both Tri-Tech and Kennewick High School.

37 total students between Kamiakin and Kennewick high schools have had to quarantine as a result of being a close contact after three positive tests.

According to KSD, when the district receives a report of a positive COVID-19 case, they notify staff and families as well as any close contacts at the school.

The CDC defines a close contact as someone within 6 feet for a cumulative 15 minutes or more during 24 hours.

KSD says they have seen more close contacts now that all students have returned for in-person learning due to the new 3-foot distancing guidelines in classrooms.

If a student is identified as close contact, the school nurse will let the family know when the student is allowed to return using guidance from the health district.

High schools in the Richland School District have had four new cases in the last two weeks, all at Hanford High School.

According to RSD, As a result of those four, roughly 80 kids have had to quarantine.

In a statement, RSD says they are following COVID-19 protocols and went on to say quote:

"We have had students and staff quarantine throughout the school year when they have close contact to a positive COVID-19 case as required by state and local health officials. Currently, none of the students from Hanford high who are in quarantine due to being in close contact with a positive case at school have tested positive themselves."

Finally, at high schools in Pasco School District, from Tuesday, April 13th to now, A reported nine students at Chiawana High School have tested positive for COVID-19. One student from Pasco High School tested positive, and another from New Horizons.

We reached out to the Pasco School District to see how they are handling their positive COVID-19 cases and to see how many close contacts, if any, are quarantining.

At this point, they are still working on getting that information for us.

This is a developing story.