Joel Watson, Owner of Just Joel's Cafe, and Agustin Villa, Owner of G's to Gents Barber Shop, partnered to give free hair cuts and school supplies to kids in the Tri-Cities.

Agustin says they usually do back to school haircut events every year.

"This year we weren't too sure. Joel Watson from Just Joel's--he kinda sent me a message on Facebook and planted the seed, and then we just went from there," said Villa.

It made for a perfect partnership.

"Because when you get a fresh cut man, you feel great. You feel like a million bucks. Especially these guys-they get down at G's and Gents," said Watson. "They're coming out looking sharp."

This year, Joel has given away hundreds of backpacks, school supplies, and raised 26,000 dollars for headphones for kids.

"When you come from poverty, in your mind is one day you're going to make it and you're gonna be generous," said Watson.

About three hours into the event, Agustin said they'd given more than 50 haircuts so far.

"So now we're just giving back and hopefully giving these kids a little bit of a push, with the whole thing going on and online schooling and all that stuff," said Villa.

Joel says the community has been extremely generous and says more barber shops want to do the same thing in the coming weeks.

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