Richland School District releases plan for online learning

RICHLAND, WA- On Wednesday the Richland School District announced they would start the school year solely online. 

There plan is to accommodate the needs of all students in the Richland School District through the Continuous Learning Plan 2.0. In doing so the district has provided every student with a laptop. Before the pandemic middle and high school students already had laptops they could take home. Elementary school students had to share laptops with students at the school and the laptop stayed there. Now all students will have laptops they can take home. If a family needs WiFi, RSD can provide that as well.  

"If families just flat out do not have internet at home that their child can use that is something we can help them out with," said Ty Beaver the Richland School District Director of Communications. "We do have some WiFi hotspots available for our families in need."

Once students have their electronic device there will be various websites utilized by the students. Elementary students will be using Google Classroom. Middle and high school students will use Canvas. Google Suite and Google Drive will be used to work on assignments. Screencastify will be used for asynchronous learning which are assignments and lessons students will complete outside the organized virtual classroom. Zoom will also be used in addition to all these other resources. RSD is confident their plans meet the standards set by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

"OSPI has indicated districts will need to provide if we are in an online distance learning format and that includes things such as regular weekly contact, daily attendance for instruction online and things like that," said Beaver. "Those are things we have built into our Continuous Learning 2.0 and our Return to School Plan."

RSD believes their teachers did a great job last spring. They believe they will do even better with their newfound experience. 

"They were doing whatever they could to keep students engaged and keep them learning but there were some things that we did learn that we could do better," said Beaver.

RSD is still working on a plan to accommodate student's nutritional needs but they are confident that need can be fulfilled. RSD's plan still needs final approval from OSPI, they hope to submit it in the coming weeks.

To view the full plan click here.


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