TRI-CITIES, WA - Richland School District has finalized their schedule for older students to return to the classroom for in-person learning, and the Pasco School District is asking for parent input to help them decide how to return.

The Richland School Board approved a timeline during its January 12th meeting begins transitioning to in-person learning for middle and high school students at the beginning of the second semester in late January. 

Middle and high schoolers will be split into two groups: A and B.

RSD Middle & High schools target first days: 

  • Grade 6 – Wednesday, Jan. 27 (Group A) & Thursday, Jan. 28 (Group B)
  • Grades 7-8 – Monday, Feb. 1 (Group A) & Tuesday, Feb. 2 (Group B)
  • Grade 9 – Wednesday, Feb. 17 (Group A) & Thursday, Feb. 18 (Group B)
  • Grades 10-12 – Monday, Feb. 22 (Group A) & Tuesday, Feb. 23 (Group B)

As for Pasco schools, the school board proposed timelines for their students to return to the classroom Tuesday night but have not approved them yet.

Right now, elementary students are in a blending learning model. Students currently have three hours of in-person instruction, two days a week in class. The rest of the week is remote.

The Pasco School Board noted this model was not meant to be long term and says they will begin a blended return to in-person learning soon. PSD will release a survey for families asking for feedback starting this week.

For elementary families, they need your help deciding whether or not to extend in-person learning hours for elementary students. For all grades K through 12, they will ask what option of learning would work best for their child as they start to switch to in-person learning. 

PSD's proposed learning options:

  • Blended learning
  • At home learning 2.0
  • IPAL, or independent study.

According to board members, parents would have to choose for the remainder of the year.

Elementary parents would need to decide on an option by January 29th. Middle School parents would need to decide by February 5th, and then High School parents would need to decide by February 12th.

A target date for the transition to start would be March 1st.

PSD Middle & High schools proposed first days: 

  • 6th grade would start on March 1
  • 7th and 8th grade would start on March 8
  • 9th grade would start March 15
  • 10th - 12th grade would start March 22

These dates are not approved yet. District officials said the dates may be decided at their next meeting on January 26th. 

Kennewick School District will meet Wednesday, January 13th to discuss their plans for returning to in-person learning.