PASCO, WA - It's just about time to register your kids for kindergarten. Before sending your child to school next year, it's important to know whether or not they are ready.

Listen as Kristi Docken, Director of Special Services and Early Intervention with the Pasco School District, shares a set of guidelines for parents to determine kindergarten readiness.

How can parents determine kindergarten readiness?  What should they look for in their kids?

  • Give them opportunities to engage in a variety of activities
  • Create a predictable daily routine
  • Establish clear boundaries and expectations
  • Allow kids to be independent when performing daily tasks
  • Observe your child's successes, challenges, and responses to different tasks or scenarios

What factors indicate a child is not ready for kindergarten?

  • Child lacks enthusiasm about going to school
  • Not ready to be in an independent setting
  • Low social-emotional development

Is there a plan in place for kindergarten in the fall? If so, what will it look like? Will kids attend classes in person, or will everything be online?

  • Districts are discussing various scenarios for school next year
  • Decisions will be based on guidance from OSPI

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