WASHINGTON STATE - An interactive tool called "Washington 100" could take summer bucket lists to the next level. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has created a website to show off 100 of the state's most fascinating geological features.

The site breaks the state down to seven geological regions to help users explore different areas online. Each page includes photos, videos, maps and information about the geological features, including how they came about.

In addition to learning about them virtually, Washington 100 also offers tips for adventurers looking to get outdoors and visit them in person. With so many places to see in Washington, State Geologist and Director of the Washington Geological Survey, Casey Hanell, says it was difficult to narrow it down.

"Washington has such a fantastic and diverse geology that narrowing it down to 100 was difficult," he says. "Not only is it cool and fun to learn about... it's also extremely important to understand where we live and how we go about interacting with our surroundings."

According to Hanell, Washington 100 is the culmination of a project that has been in the works for a couple years. Behind the effort is the State Geological Team, made up of about 45 geologists. Hanell says they collaborated with Washington professors, state parks and others to bring Washington 100 to life.

The overall goal, he remarks, is to build excitement and awareness about Washington geology, foster curiosity, and encourage exploration.

To check out the interactive features, click here.