TRI-CITIES, WA - Supplemental education can inspire students to get better grades and develop a love for learning.

Randy Way, Executive Director of Sylvan of Kennewick and Richland, has dedicated his career to doing just that. Way uses supplemental education to motivate students toward future success.

According to Sylvan Learning, supplemental education is a form of personalized instruction in school subjects, study skills, homework, and test prep.

"We begin with an assessment to try to figure out where are we, what do we need to work on... then we develop an individualized plan to take them from point A to point B," Way says.

Supplemental educators like Way meet with students outside the traditional classroom setting. They take time to get to know their students and meet them at their level.

In order to motivate students who are struggling, Way says you have to help them build a strong foundation for learning. According to Way, "It's not necessarily they brought home the 3.5… as much as, 'Wow I really learned that and I want to learn more.'"

According to Way, building curiosity is what produces results. Once students develop a love for learning, they start feeling more confident in the classroom. That confidence, in turn, leads to academic improvement and, eventually, outstanding success.

If you know a student who is struggling in school, supplemental education or another form of academic assistance could help. To learn more about supplemental education at Sylvan Learning Tri-Cities, call 509-396-6004 or visit their Facebook page.

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