TRI-CITIES, WA - As students continue learning from home and using technology, increased screen time can have a negative impact on eyesight.

Madeline Carter talked with Dr. Elizabeth Heaston Thompson from the Heaston Thompson Vision Clinic to find out what parents can do to protect kids from vision problems related to online learning.

Dr. Liz says there are several things parents can do right now to protect their kids.  She recommends:

  • Make sure children stay 16-24 inches away from computer or tablet screen
  • Watch for symptoms of visual problems or learning difficulties:
    • Skipping lines of text when reading or re-reading lines
    • Headaches
    • Poor reading comprehension
    • Rubbing eyes
    • Short attention span with reading
    • Covering one eye when looking at something up close or in the distance
  • Take frequent breaks from online learning - look away every 20 minutes
  • Schedule yearly eye exam

If local optometrists are not currently open for regular vision screenings, Dr. Liz suggests scheduling eye exams for the near future.

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