PASCO, Wash.-

NBC Right Now and Solarity Credit Union are working together to celebrate diversity in our community.

This month's winner is Pedro Torres, The owner of Movement Athletics in Pasco. They have many fitness and self-defense classes.
Steve Brown, the Chief Lending Officer at Solarity Credit Union presented Torres with the award.  
Torres is drawing closer to his tenth year in business, teaching people how to be both physically and mentally healthy through being active.
"It just goes back to finding your why and your purpose. I think if you know why you're doing something and its purpose you're not going to let it go," said Torres.
Torres says he learned perseverance and determination through his clients and his family as well. His sisters and parents remain a support system.
"My parents were migrants. They came across the border. They have a lot of pride in the fact that they didn't take any hand-me-downs or anything free. They worked for everything that they earned," said Torres.
He grew up on a farm in north Pasco, which is where he says he learned how to work hard. Now he says he's focused on working smart, too.
A few months after he moved to his current location, the pandemic hit.
About four months after in-person training returned, there was a fire that destroyed part of the building.
"Three-quarters of this building was burned so I had to shut doors again and move everything next door where we're doing all our martial arts, yoga, women's self-defense classes," said Torres.
The building later reopened and today he's still in business. Torres says being a small business owner isn't easy.
"If you have a friend or family member that has a small business--be there to support them," said Torres. "Heck, my mom works out with me here five, six days a week in the last nine-and-a-half years that I've been in business."
You can find out more information here. 
They're located at 212 W Lewis St, Pasco, WA 99301.