REACH Museum Opens For The First Time in Over a Year


Pauline Schafer is the Education Manager at the REACH Museum. She says the pandemic has changed the way the museum interacts with people.

"It's changed every part of our lives. You cant go back and un-change that. It's not ever going to go back to what it was like before. I think that's okay because we learned so much," said Schafer.

Learning is what they're all about.

They used the time they were closed to examine how they served their audience and connected with educators. They readjusted and have figured out how to reach people virtually and expand their capability to reach more kids using technology.

"You feel at first that it's a drawback. That you're limited. But then you realize that you're able to reach people a little more personally," said Schafer.

Though they've thrived on new platforms, there's nothing like seeing visitors in person.

"The interaction between the visitors, educators, and the docents is such a big part of it. You know, we're here to tell the stories of Mid-Columbia and all of its people, history, and the land itself," said Schafer.

Even though the REACH has been closed since March 17th of 2020, they're not letting that get them down. In fact, it's now part of their story.

"No matter what life throws at us, we're here to tell stories. So there's always a good response we can give," said Schafer.

Now, they're looking forward to continuing to provide educational opportunities virtually and in person.

"We are working our hardest to make this a safe and welcoming environment for as many visitors as we can," said Schafer.

The museum will be open Fridays Saturdays and Sundays through April and May.

To find out more about the REACH Museum and take a look at hands-on-activities they provide as well as their project for National Poetry Month click here.