PASCO, WA - John Roach, a Tri-Cities native is helping lead the way for a new and more diverse approach to the hiring process with his company WholeStory, along with his partners The Dignity of Work.

Together they have received a $100,000 cash prize from XPRIZE, a non-profit organization that hosts public competitions to "create better future for all."

Moving forward Roach and his colleagues hope to make an impact as one of the ten qualifying teams, from four countries advancing to the next round of the $5 million XPRIZE contest. 

Roach tells NBC Right Now his mission is simple- he wants to humanize the hiring process. 

"WholeStory is really predicated on the idea that life experiences is the real key to understanding the most important job critical skills. Things like whether someone is a lifelong learner, whether they are resilient, adaptable, emotionally intelligent. We gain those strengths through our struggles, and that shapes who we are as a person and how we show up at work," Roach said. 

And with the help of XPRIZE The Dignity of Work is ready to take their vision to the next level, where they will compete to win the main prize.

"It's really exciting because the XPRIZE is also, really the biggest stage that's been built, $5 million dollars of investment into workforce development innovation. The XPRIZE (organization) as a whole is about solving the worlds biggest problems, ya know," Roach told NBC Right Now.  

Roach also says being included in that arena is pure validation for him and his team. However, the work is just beginning. The next step is bringing The Dignity of Work ideas into the real world and seeing how it goes.  

"We will select a group of 350 job seekers to deliver our teams Dignity of Work training, which is really exciting... We’ll find out how we did, and five out of the ten teams that are left will move on to the next round," Roach said. 

Roach and his team have until the end of the year to prove to XPRIZE their approach is the right one.

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