Animal Shelter Keeping Animals Cool During Heat Wave

The Tri-cities Animal Control Shelter has been asking for ice donations when temperatures hit triple-digits. Some of the buildings that house the animals are chilled with swamp coolers, which require ice. 

Deb Sporcich, Director of Tri-cities Animal Control Shelter, says they have been moving animals indoors. 

"We have room inside thankfully because we are low on numbers of dogs so we've made the adjustment on moving new intakes inside and kind of shutting that building down. So we've just kind of been shuffling animals around to where its more temperature controlled," said Sporcich.

Deb said she will post what the shelter needs on Facebook or people will call and ask how they can help. 

"Whenever we ask for a donation--lets say if its a new washing machine or dryer--in this case, ice, the community always just comes through. It just really makes you feel good that we do care about our animals," said Sporcich.

The Tri-Cities Animal Control Shelter is at full capacity for cats and they are urging people to adopt them. The large volume of cats is creating a need for food donations.

"Kitten food, kitten wet food, kitten dry food, and adult cat food, cause we just have so many cats coming through that we can't keep up with our food. We're always low on food," said Sporcich.

She also urges pet owners to  be mindful of the heat when it comes to your pets. 

"With the temperatures--you know we're concentrating on keeping our animals cool and people at home need to do the same as well. Our officers are busy going on welfare checks. You know, especially if you're tethering a dog outside, it has to have access to water, it has to have access to shade. You've got to give your animals that protection in this severe heat," said Sporcich.

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