Local Restaurants Appreciate Community Support


Local restaurant owners in Tri-Cities are excited to re-open in phase two, but in the meantime are thinking of creative ways to keep up with the changes. 

Joanna Wilson owns Foodies Brick and Mortar in Kennewick and Foodies Too in Richland. Wilson says this time was used to re-evaluate her menu and business. They even have a brand-new food delivery service starting next week. She says the community support has been amazing.

"We are so blessed to be in this community. Tri-Cities and surrounding cities have supported us so well," said Wilson. 

Reed Kinney owns Porter's Real Barbecue, which began as a food truck and grew into three locations in each of the Tri-Cities. 

"The reason we've been successful, the reason we have enjoyed the growth is because of the community and that support has never really wavered. Through the pandemic it's been much needed and much appreciated," said Kinney.

They just moved to a new location this week in Richland. 

"We committed to this location right before the pandemic started and there were some options to maybe pause or delay so we made the decision to move forward--we have faith in our community, we have faith in our product," said Kinney.

He says Porter's will still be here on the other side of the pandemic and they have already prepared for stage two inside their locations for when the time comes.

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