TRI-CITIES, WA - Working out can be both effective and enjoyable. While finding the right routine can be overwhelming, it may be the motivation you need to keep coming back for more.

Shelagh Moore, Fitness Class Instructor at Fit for Me: Women's Fitness, shares her advice to find a workout that works for you.

Moore recommends you:

  • Keep your options open - visit multiple gyms or workout facilities before signing up to get a feel for the environment.
  • Find a workout that suits your personality - from weightlifting to running, cycling, Zumba and more, there are countless types of workouts to choose from. Try them out and choose the workout you actually enjoy.
  • Make sure you're compatible with your instructor - when selecting a class instructor or trainer, make sure they have the qualities that motivate you. You should enjoy their company and have a good rapport.

Moore says no matter how you choose to stay active, three specific qualities are required to stick to your fitness routine: commitment, discipline, and priority. When you have those three things, working out will no longer be a chore.

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