TRI-CITIES, WA - Life has seemingly been on hold for months now. With nothing to do, nowhere to go and not much to look forward to, the pandemic may have you feeling "stuck" in many areas of your life. That's why a local motivator is sharing her advice to help you move forward.

Listen as Danette Layne, Speaker, Author and Full Potential Coach from the Tri-Cities, offers 3 tips to get "unstuck."

3 Tips to Get "Unstuck"

  1. Detach from the outcome
  2. Focus on the essence
  3. Be open to something better

According to Danette, the nature of feeling stuck is a form of resistance. She says it's like paddling upstream. Since that often uncomfortable feeling is not our natural state, she instead recommends learning to float downstream.

Danette says the key to move forward is surrendering to your current circumstances. In other words, "get on the tube and float downstream."

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