TRI-CITIES, WA - Research shows community service not only helps those in need, it also benefits your health and happiness. No matter who you are or what your situation is during the pandemic, there are ways for you to make a difference.

Dr. LoAnn Ayers, President and CEO of United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties, joined us on Wake Up Northwest to share a variety of ways to get involved.

Dr. Ayers says you can:

  1. Volunteer from home - i.e. sign up to make wellness check phone calls to home-bound seniors or persons with disabilities; sew face masks and donate to local non-profits
  2. Collect things to donate - i.e. cleaning supplies for food banks; donate clothes and household goods to newly-reopened thrift shops that support local charities
  3. Show up in person - food distribution nonprofits need in-person volunteers. They work to ensure your safety while also helping the growing number of locals in need

Even if you're sheltering at home, you can still give back. Find ways to get involved with your community at

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