TRI-CITIES, WA - Taking time to evaluate your New Year's Resolutions can turn your 2020 wishes into achievable goals.

Paul Casey, Personal Coach with Growing Forward, recommends formatting your resolutions as SMART Goals.

According to Paul, SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant to Mission, and Time-Dated.

He says a true SMART Goal is clearly defined. It should state the exact objective the individual wishes to accomplish. SMART Goals enable you to track your progress. They are realistic and achievable, in alignment with your personal mission, and have a set date or time frame by which the goal should be accomplished.

In the video above, Paul and Madeline help Wake Up Northwest viewers create SMART Goals by rating and improving upon their 2020 resolutions.

For more information about SMART Goals or to set up a personal coaching session with Paul, call 509-392-1895 or send an email to

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