TRI-CITIES, WA - Adding laughter to the workday comes with a variety of benefits. Now that so many people are working from home, humor can help lower stress, increase productivity, and make employees happier overall.

Watch as Greg Kettner, Keynote Speaker and Humor Consultant from Walla Walla, shares 3 ways to use humor through remote work and 3 benefits for workers in any industry.

3 Ways to Use Humor While Working from Home:

  1. Friday Funnies - Send funny, HR-approved memes or videos to coworkers
  2. Team Happy Hour - Play Kahoot! or Zoom's Got Talent
  3. Dress Up for Zoom Meetings - i.e. Your favorite movie character

3 Benefits of Humor at Work:

  1. Lower stress - mental health
  2. More productivity - Robin Williams
  3. Increased revenue - happy employee

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