Middleton's Fall Festival Prepares to Open Safely


This year marks the eighth year of Middleton's Fall Festival. They open September 26th, and Mark Middleton says they are excited to be open and looks forward to welcoming the community back safely.

"We're looking forward to the smiles. Some people will be wearing masks so we are going to see smiles in their eyes. We're just looking forward to the joy of making memories, of having something that people look forward to every year," said Middleton.

They are spreading activities out, and Mark says they have over a million square feet of land they can use for just that.

"It feels like we adapt every year one way or another, but this year has probably been the most challenging. More opportunities to adapt," said Middleton.

Last year, they had thirty activities to choose from and this year they have around twenty-three for safety reasons. You can expect to see the classic fall favorites like the corn maze, pumpkin patch, and the new sunflower field.

"We're spreading out, we have hand sanitizer everywhere for people, but really the key is to maintain social distance within your group so that everybody can enjoy the festival out here," said Middleton.

They'll be open Thursday through Sunday, adding on an extra day this year.

"We're encouraging people to come on Thursday and Friday if you're able to, it makes it possible to not have a huge gathering of people on Saturday or Sunday," said Middleton.

They are putting the safety of attendees first while also finding ways to help them make memories.

"I think everybody's gonna have a good time," said Middleton. "One of the things we talk about here is personal responsibility. We're responsible for ourselves, so take care of yourself, take care of the group you're coming with--but also think about those other people as well."

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