The Richland High School dance team is bridging a gap between generations by creating relationships with the residents at Brookdale Meadow Springs. They are fostering friendships by writing letters to residents--like Phyllis Prothero and her pen pal on the dance team--Justice.

"It brightened my day, it's like 'oh, a letter!' it was nice," said Prothero.

Prothero said this pen pal came at the perfect time because she had been going through a rough patch. This was an opportunity to make a new friend that was out of sight, but not out of mind.

"It's like watching a movie on tv you get to see them go through the steps and see them progress," said Prothero.

The team continued to spread joy through dance--socially distanced of course--giving them a chance to dance again for the first time in a while.

Each member of the dance team has written numerous letters to residents and they were excited to share their passion for dance with them.

Wendy White is the Head Coach of the Richland High School Dance team.

"The culture of our program has always been to be involved in the community. We're not just a dance team. These are life lessons--if you're a good citizen on your dance team you should be a good citizen in your community," said White.

Being a good citizen is something dance team captain and Richland High School senior Alexis Rosado thinks is important.

"It's just good to spread positivity and encourage people to be their best," said Rosado.

She says she knows the people that live here may not be able to see their loved ones--so they were excited to be a part of this event.

"I feel like there is kind of a disconnect between younger and older folk. It's the 'oh, kids these days,' you know? But I feel like if we just talked more and connect better we could be united even more than we are right now," said Rosado.

Her coach says this is one of the teams she's most proud of.

"So it wasn't surprising for me that they were excited about doing something like this. I know that probably in another few weeks we can come out and do it again," said White.