In Kennewick, there's a small shop that makes hand-blown glass bowls, memorial pieces, cups, decor, and virtually anything you can think of. Though 2020 was hard for their business, they're starting the new year off strong.

Eight years ago Earl Wright fell in love with glassblowing, so he opened the Glass Punty part-time, and then it turned into his full-time business.

"Art glass is something I've been fascinated with my entire life. I mean, I was doing term papers on Venetian art glass in the eighth grade," said Wright.

This year has been tough on them since there were no craft shows where they normally showcase their art. They had to get creative.

"Probably the biggest thing was right after the first of the year, getting hit with the shutdown from covid. We were closed for five months," said Wright. "We had a couple of parking lot sales that the public responded to phenomenally that helped a lot, big time."

With a new year comes new resolutions and ideas. For The Glass Punty--This year it also means hiring new people, who have a passion for the art of glassblowing.

Mitchell Treadway is the newest new glassblower at The Glass Punty.

"it's the closest to magic you can get. It really just feels incredible and the art of transformations is just...It's great," said Treadway.

They have several new ideas and projects they are looking forward to this year.

"You can see we got notes all over the place. Things that we can look at, things that we can do. From organizing the studio to getting more business, to what kind of things we can do for outreach," said Wright.

And though the items they make may be fragile, Their business and spirit are not. They're excited about what's to come.

Aidan Joseph has been a glassblower at The Glass Punty for a little over a year.

"I really wanna start producing more stuff. Start taking more orders, getting all those orders filled, produce more for the gallery, start focusing on more class teaching, dual bench, dual hole action, just increase production essentially," said Joseph.

With new marketing strategies, a brand new glassblower on their team, and a spirit of resilience--The Glass Punty isn't going anywhere.

"We're not giving up. We're charging full-bore into the new year," said Wright.