TRI-CITIES, WA - The World Health Organization has declared the CoronaVirus a pandemic. So what exactly is a pandemic? The CDC says it's when a virus can easily spread from person to person in a sustained way.

This morning Washington Governor Jay Insee enforced social distancing in 3 counties- King, Pierce and Snohomish. Scientists and data analysts say that by practicing social distancing we'll be able to see a reduction in the rate in which the virus spreads.

We spoke to risk management expert John Roach, author of the article, Flattening the Curve in the Tri-Cities: Coronavirus Readiness and Community Resilience about why social distancing works.

"The most effective tool that we have at our disposal, in order to spread out that impact is social distancing. Because what social distancing does is that it breaks the train of transmission," Roach said.

Aside from good hygiene, disinfecting surfaces and staying home if you are sick- Roach says social distancing is something we need to start practicing right now.

Older populations and people with compromised immune systems are most at risk for complications from the virus, but experts say it's time for young healthy people to look beyond themselves, because the stability of our public health system is at stake. 

Roach says delaying the spread of this virus is up to all of us, if we do not slow down the spread our health system won't be able to support the impact of this virus. And even people without the virus will be affected because of our limited health resources and ICU units. 

You can read John Roach's full article by clicking the link below:

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