PASCO, WA - A phone app for dog owners makes it possible to walk dogs for a cause.

The free app called "WoofTrax - Walk for a Dog" is a tracking software that maps routine walks and earns money for local animal charities. Users register themselves and their pet and select the organization they want to support in their community.

With every step, users raise money for their chosen local animal shelter or rescue. The app tracks fundraising progress each time owners take their dogs for a walk.

Users can also create fitness goals for themselves and their pets. They are encouraged to share their progress on social media to raise awareness and support for local charities.

One local charity in need of support is the Tri-City Animal Shelter. The organization is looking for volunteers to walk shelter dogs and puppies during the day. According to the shelter's website, exercise is essential to prevent stress during their stay at the shelter. It also helps dogs burn off any pent up energy, ultimately making them more adoptable. Volunteers can provide additional support by downloading the Wooftrax app to raise funds for the shelter.

WoofTrax is free to the public. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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