Millennial March: Author, podcaster, and owner of NUYU Juice Bar

YAKIMA, WA - Can you imagine starting a business, writing your own book that's on Amazon, and having your own globally streaming podcast...all before the age of 20? One local millennial in Yakima is doing just that.

"You can do everything you set your mind to if it aligns with your mission."

That's just what Chelann Gienger did.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she was hooked on anything having to do with business. Before she learned to drive, she started the first of many projects, including a health coaching business.

"So my first business was at 15 years old, because at 15 years old I knew what kind of lifestyle I wanted to create," said Gienger.

Fast forward three years, she left health coaching and started NUYU, a natural juice shop in Yakima. But as a young business owner, she saw a lack of people her age who owned businesses, so she started a podcast.

"And I started that because I was so lonely being a young entrepreneur in Yakima...felt like I had no one to relate to but my family."

Entrepreneurs Before Twenty-Five features millennials from around the world who, like her, started their businesses at a young age. Gienger wanted to surround herself with others who were making their dreams into a reality.

Now on top of these business ventures, the idea dawned on her to help other millennials. She had never planned on writing a book, but saw millennials needed a book teaching them how to live out their dreams and reach their goals.

"I wrote 'Dear Millennial' as a tool and a compass to really hone down to see what your unique purpose is and really how to live that out," said Gienger.

At 21 years old, she now has a published book on Amazon, runs her own podcast, and has her juice shop NUYU. As for stopping anytime soon...she has bigger and never-ending goals for herself.

"The end goal for me is to never reach an end...I'm so excited to have the honor to be in the business world."

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