scholarship winner


Numerica Credit Union has distributed $20,000 to 14 area students through two scholarship programs.

The Continuing Education Scholarship for enrolled college students and $tarting Off Right Scholarship for graduating high school seniors aim to help students live well by pursuing higher education.

"Many of these students' families are unable to provide funds for tuition, so they've been relying on working part-time, financial aid, loans, and scholarships," said Lars Gilberts, Assistant Vice President of Community Development and Impact.

According to Numerica's press release the credit union has offered more than $185,000 in scholarship opportunities to support its members since 2016.

Alyssia Zapien, a full-time student and part-time nursing assistant, will be using the money to help pay for nursing school.

"The ability to help people and inspire them to become better versions of themselves is what fulfills my heart and gives me a sense of purpose in my future."

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