4th of July Protest in Richland


A  fourth of July protest took place today in Richland at the John Dam Plaza.

The event was put on by an organization called Blackformation, led by event organizer Eugene Vi. 

"The event is to bring awareness to what the fourth of July is, because, even in the constitution--just like all lives matter--it says all men are created equal. But while they wrote that they had slaves. We're just trying to bring some awareness to that," said Eugene.

The first half of the protest was comprised of speeches from local leaders sharing information about the community and the second half was a protest.

Amber Rodriguez was a co-host of today's protest and is part of Tri-Cities Black Lives Matter as well as Blackformation. 

"We're combining our groups and our ability to organize," said Rodriguez. 

She says that many people have been really supportive.  

"The community supports what's happening. A lot of people from all over, from different walks of life are all looking at it like; you know we could do some more work on social services. We could do more about considering what's gone on in certain cases. We should be doing more investigating and finding out how the process really works when it comes to choosing people that are supposed to protect us and keep us safe," said Rodriguez.

Eugene says there are several Black Lives Matter organizations in the Tri-Cities working together to support each other. He says Black Lives Matter isn't an organization, but a movement.

"It's just a movement saying black lives matter, period. And that's not saying no other life matters," said Eugene.  "We have to lift up the disenfranchised to be able to represent our country to the fullest, because right now it's not looking so well."

Amber says the community has really shown up.  

"The Tri-Cities has come together and we are going to continue to try and create positive change and we're all here for it--and we're glad to be a part of the movement as a community," said Rodriguez.

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