BENTON COUNTY, WA - During Tuesday's Benton County Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Will McKay, District 3, introduced a five-page draft proposal that calls for Governor Inslee to allow Benton County leaders to make their own decisions with Covid-19 regulations in the county. 

In the proposal, McKay states that re-opening businesses during this pandemic would benefit the health and welfare of Benton County residents. According to McKay, not everyone can financially afford to stay at home and social distance.  

The proposal ultimately calls on Governor Inslee to allow the Benton County Commissioners to 'manage community transmission spread' of the virus on their terms. McKay also suggests that residents should 'use their own judgment' regarding re-opening and visiting local businesses during this ongoing pandemic. 

However, during the meeting, Benton County Administrator, Jerrod Macpherson, wanted to make sure the public clearly understood the proposal. 

“We’re not telling the people to open up. We’re demanding from the state government, the governor to let us make those decisions. And we’ll run it by our civil prosecutor to make sure we don’t put the county and taxpayers in a liability. I don't want people with false assumptions- (to think) oh, we can open now,” said Macpherson.

Board members also discussed a plan to set up a special public meeting to 'pass it' by early next week. If the proposal goes through, the next step would be to submit it to the Governor's office for consideration.

You can read the full proposal draft here starting on Page 380.