The Ford's Coronavirus Experience Began at Disneyland

BURBANK, WA - Not everyone who gets COVID-19 is going to be severely ill. For some, the illness is not so bad at all. That was the case for a big, loving family in Burbank. However, they're still doing everything they can to prevent the spread. 

Donny and Crystal Ford's COVID-19 experience started all the way back on March 10th in the happiest place on earth. 

"Enjoyed one day at Disneyland and then everything blew up," said Crystal Ford.

They heard announcements in the park that it was closing down as the whole state of California moved towards lockdown.

"We're getting messages from back home saying we can't buy sanitizer, we can't buy toilet paper," said Crystal. "So our Disney trip came to a halt."

Six adults and one grandchild flew home. Soon after, one of them came down with a fever and another ended up in urgent care. Five of them in total eventually had confirmed cases of COVID-19, some of the first reported in the region.

"The contact tracing was on point," said Crystal. "They would contact us every couple of days to see how are your symptoms, what are you doing, how is this going, is anybody else sick."

Crystal did not get it despite living with infected family members. They all, fortunately, had very mild symptoms.

"The first night was horrible," said Donny. "I hard organ pain, I had joint pain, I didn't check it but I had a very high fever I could tell. After that, not really bad... I have felt worse with the flu before."

He had lingering fatigue for about two weeks. Now, even knowing the Ford family can kick COVID-19 to the curb fairly easily they are still following all of the public safety protocols to a tee.

"I don't want to lose my mother in law," said Crystal. "I have a grandchild on the way. I want to meet her. So, yeah, I stay home. I want everybody else to have that luxury so I will take the precautions for you."

As for Donny, he told me he wears a face mask because; "It's the right thing to do."

Burbank is in Walla Walla County and is in Phase Two of Washington's Safe Start Reopening plan. There are a lot more places open there than there are in neighboring Benton and Franklin Counties.  Remember, public health experts are urging people to avoid non-essential travel and visiting 'more open' places to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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