Checking in With the Mass Vaccination Site At Benton County Fairgrounds


As of Wednesday, March 31st, the next two tiers, (3 & 4) of phase 1B of vaccinations will be eligible.

The next two tiers include anyone over 60, people 16 years or older with two or more illnesses or diseases, and those who work or live in group homes as well as workers in congregate settings.

Also as of March 31st, Phase Finder is no longer necessary to prove eligibility in Washington.

Hollie Logan is the Public Information Officer for the Kennewick Mass Vaccination Site. Logan encourages people to confirm their eligibility by heading over to the Washington Department of Health guidance webpage where you can find lists of tiers and phases.

"It's not required but they are encouraged to go and still confirm their eligibility prior to making an appointment," said Logan.

Hollie says there is no formal confirmation of phases.

"It really is more of an honor system. When they get on to the site volunteers will still ask and confirm their eligibility based on the tier system," said Logan.

The site continues to be a shining star among mass vaccination sites in Washington state, and Hollie says this well-oiled machine is all thanks to community members working together.

"The national guard's out here. We have a lot of volunteers and so it really works very smoothly and we're able to get people in and out of here typically under 20 minutes," said Logan.

Not only that, but since they opened in late January, they have administered thousands of doses. She tells me this week they think they will surpass 50,000 total doses administered.

"We are excited to hit that 50,000 mark. The more people we can get vaccinated, the healthier our community is," said Logan.

The Kennewick vaccination site is open Tuesday and Thursday 10 am -3 pm, Wednesday and Friday 11 am to 5:30 pm, and 9 am -12 om on Saturday

You still need to make an appointment for both your first and second dose on Prepmod and don't forget to bring your vaccination card to your second appointment.