No need to hoard food

In the midst of this coronavirus uncertainty a lot of people seem to be hoarding food and paper supplies, but health department officials and grocery stores want you to know there is no need to over shop.

Supplies are still being regularly restocked, but some stores are limiting the amount of certain items that you can buy, like toilet paper.

Grocers say consumer overstocking – not a disrupted supply chain -- is the main reason their store shelves are empty of many supplies and food items, especially hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper, and plastic gloves.

"We want the public to be assured that if they will return to their normal pace of grocery shopping that there will be an adequate supply of products for their consumption," -said Jan Gee, President and CEO of the Washington food industry association

The president also reiterated this after a meeting with grocery store executives today where they said that there is no food shortage and assured him there's no need to hoard food.

And if you're wondering what do you *really* need?

Homeland security says in a pandemic, you should focus on the basics -- a 2-week supply of food and water. And enough prescription drugs and over the counter medicine.

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