EOC giving PPE To Yakima businesses

YAKIMA, WA- With masks soon being a requirement in Yakima County the Emergency Operations Center is giving out masks and other protective gear to any business that needs it for free.

This is a partnership with the Office of Emergency Management and the Yakima Health District.  They wanted to obtain as much PPE as possible for the county and then distribute it. They have already given out 190,000 masks to businesses. 
It isn't just masks it's also hand sanitizer and gloves as well. This PPE equipment will be given to any business who applies for it. The EOC believes getting this much supplies is a crucial first step in helping the community.
"We thought it was very important to get masks out to everyone because there is so many people that come into our county here to work and to live," said Casey Schilperoort who is apart of the Office of Emergency Management. "Most people that live in Yakima County have four or more persons in the household so 230,000 people times four is a lot of folks."
Although these masks are being given to solely business the EOC says these are for the community as well. They say many of the places they are donating to are giving them away to the public. Those businesses include grocery stores, city hall both fire and police departments, faith based organizations, food banks, school districts, testing sites, homeless shelters, hospitals, and doctors offices. They encourage any business to apply for the equipment because as long as there is a need they will continue to order for that need in Yakima.
To apply click here 
For municipalities requesting masks through the community mask campaign click here
, school districts, , testing sites, homeless shelters, hospitals, your doctors offices

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