YAKIMA, WA - Now that the South Central region has moved into Phase 2, many entertainment centers that have been shut down for a long time are reopening or preparing to reopen. 

Nob Hill Bowling in Yakima is one business that is still preparing to reopen. Right now they are remodeling the inside of their building to make the place more fun and fit covid-19 restrictions. Bowling Center and Bar and Restaurant Manager Tasha Bowers said while they're not ready yet, they are excited to see their regulars.

"I mean we have people that we see on a weekly basis for decades, families that we known forever so we're pretty excited to see our people again," Bowers said.

Before they decide their reopening date, they have to hire a new staff.

"We have some people that were able to come back but obviously some people couldn't wait an entire year before their job was available again," Bowers said.

While Nob Hill Bowling still doesn't have a reopening date, the Harmon Center in Yakima has been preparing to reopen for the last six months. Today they reopened.

Leslie Richards the recreation program supervisor said she was really happy to reopen.

"Oh it's so wonderful! It's so great to have the seniors back," Richards said. 

Right now the only things open are the pool room and their library, but next week they will start offering classes like arts and crafts again.

The senior center plans on keeping their participants healthy by constantly cleaning, adding spaces between chairs at tables and making sure seniors are masked up.

Richards said they would also be open to partnering with the Yakima Health District to become a vaccination site. 

If they do have a positive COVID case, Richards said they would be able to contact anyone who was exposed through their activity sign in sheets.

"We definitely want to make sure they are happy and healthy," Richards said.

While both places are happy to be open, they share the concern about being able to stay open.

"We already got to reopen once for a short amount of time so just hoping that Yakima can stay meeting all three of the criteria out of the four," Bowers said.

They hope the community will do they're part to keep them open.