Get oral health advice from a dentist

KENNEWICK, WA - Good dental hygiene will keep you smiling naturally for decades. However, you may find that new issues come up over time. To help improve your hygiene, the Tri-Cities Cancer Center wants to help by hosting an online lecture.

When you are faced with cancer and you are going to go through chemotherapy and radiation, maintaining good dental hygiene becomes even more important.

Regardless of the type of treatment, Joan Stewart with Tri-Cities Cancer Center said she knows of oncologists that wants their patients to get into the dentist to get their teeth taken care of before they start their treatment.

"When you become weak and your system is down and your immune system is down, the bacteria that's in your mouth, that's always present, may find itself an opportunity to get a little bit more robust," Joan said.

Even if it is just a tooth ache, she said they do not want any complications.

"So we encourage good dental health," Joan said.

For the past few year, the cancer center has been partnering with Doc. Lee Ostler for person-to-person lectures on good dental hygiene for cancer patients.

"And also helping us get our cancer patients down the right path for good oral health. So we partnered with him," Joan said. "He's got some messages for the public."

Due to COVID-19, the cancer center plans to hold several Zoom lectures, including one with Doc. Ostler to discuss oral health. He will offer guidance on the best oral care before, during and after cancer treatments.

"You will be able to learn some important tips and tricks on good health and wellness and a better cancer journey through some of the programs we are going to offer," Joan said.

The cancer center's online lecture about oral health is on July 23rd at 4 p.m. Anyone can take part, not just cancer patients. Viewers will have the opportunity to send in comments and questions.

Even if they do not answer your questions during the video lecture, Joan said they will get back to you with that information. For more information on how to register, go to their website at

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