FILE - Inslee signing law

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs a measure.

OLYMPIA, Wash. —

Governor Jay Inslee rescinded two emergency orders related to COVID-19 on June 1, saying they are no longer necessary. 

Proclamation 20-56 addressed restrictions on tribes’ money use. Washington state codes had restrictions on how tribes could spend fuel tax refund money, which the proclamation waived. It said that tribes reported these restrictions were making it more difficult to respond to the pandemic, motivating Inslee to issue the proclamation. 

“To assist tribes’ ability to use fuel tax refunds as each has determined is most effective to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, I issued Proclamation 20-56 to waive or suspend statutory requirements,” said Gov. Inslee in the proclamation. 

In order to have a smooth transition, the change takes effect on July 1.

Additionally, Inslee rescinded Proclamation 20-23, which focused on public utility services. The multifaceted proclamation waived late fees, suspended utility disconnection (for lack of payment), worked to establish arranged payments and improving energy assistance. The efforts were in response to those economically impacted by the pandemic and to protect access to utilities.  

This change will take effect immediately, as it is a technical rescission.