Grant County Long Term Care COVID-19 Outbreaks

GRANT COUNTY, WA – Grant County Health District (GCHD) has received confirmation of COVID associated deaths of nine (9) McKay Healthcare & Rehab Center residents.

Five (5) death certificates have confirmed COVID-19 associated death and 4 are pending. One death was reported on November 10, 2020. GCHD sends their heartfelt condolences to the staff and families who have lost their loved ones. The four confirmed deaths bring Grant County’s total to 32 deaths. GCHD will update the totals after the remaining death certificates are reviewed. No McKay residents are currently hospitalized.

The confirmed deaths include one female in her 60s, one female in her 80s, one female in her 90s, and one male in his 80s. The previous case reported was in her 80s.

GCHD requested an Isolation and Quarantine Strike Team from Department of Health who has been onsite to assist McKay with additional precautions to be taken to reduce the spread of the virus to other residents or staff.

McKay has remained open to the residents who tested negative. The COVID residents that were sent to the Pasco COVID facility will be returning to McKay later this month.

Lake Ridge Center and Columbia Crest – Moses Lake Lake

Ridge Center is a skilled nursing facility specializing in the care of residents with Alzheimer’s or other related Dementias. Columbia Crest is a skilled nursing long-term care facility. GCHD has been notified that Lake Ridge has had 49 residents and 12 staff members test positive for COVID-19. Columbia Crest has had 25 residents and 22 staff members test positive for COVID-19. The residents are being cared for onsite and with one resident hospitalized. Both facilities continue to be in constant communication with GCHD and have received consultation from the Dept of Health Isolation and Quarantine team.

GCHD has made links between COVID cases at two long term care facilities, one in Moses Lake and one in Ephrata, to the recent large wedding event. It is important to note that mass gathering events where COVID is spread will quickly spread into the community and risks the safety of our most vulnerable residents.

All long-term care facilities (LTCs) in Grant County have been preparing for the possibility of COVID-19 cases within their facilities for months. Each LTC has a COVID-19 response and isolation plan and have worked closely with GCHD to develop those plans. GCHD continues to work with these LTCs on testing, isolation, and quarantine.

Long-term care facilities serve our most vulnerable populations whose age and health conditions put them at a higher risk for severe complications due to COVID-19 and death. When community COVID rates are high, such as the rates Grant County is currently experiencing, long-term care facilities increase their routine testing and must work extra vigilant to try to keep COVID out of their facilities.

As residents of this community we all need to be vigilant about protecting these community members, especially those who work with or come into contact daily with those who are the most vulnerable. For the health of your family, neighbors, and friends, it is now more critical than before to wear a mask when in public. Limit the size of your gatherings, each personal decision we make to socialize outside of our households may impact our most vulnerable residents. Please mask up when out in public and protect one another.

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