Yakima, WA - The Habit Burger and Grill in Yakima is teaming up with the Yakima Valley Community Foundation to distribute food vouchers to people in the community.
Since Habit has only been in Yakima for a week, they're using this as a way to get their foot in the door and make a good impression on the community. District Manager for the Habit Burger and Grill Alan Lauck said they like getting involved with the communities their restaurants are in.
"We love giving back to the community, so definitely any kind of donations, once COVID restrictions are lifted a little bit we also do fundraisers as well," Lauck said.
The restaurant's Yakima location at 2400 Nob Hill Boulevard, is the 10th location in Washington state. The other stores are in or near Seattle, so Yakima is a bit different.
Upon opening, they reached out the Yakima Valley Foundation to see if they would distribute the vouchers throughout the community as they saw fit. The foundation's President and CEO Sharon Miracle said they chose to distribute the vouchers to local nonprofits for their hard work during the pandemic.
"It's like being a first responder, it's rewarding in the heart but sometimes they don't get recognition or well received so we just thought that would be a nice pat on the back to say thank you for that hard work, they're still doing it, it hasn't stopped," Miracle said.
The foundation's staff will meet Monday to discuss which nonprofits will get the vouchers. Some of the organizations on the list include food banks, places offering mental health services or helping distribute vaccines. You can find a full list of organizations the Yakima Valley Community Foundation supports on their website.