Sara Barnett shares pictures of hospital stay

HERMISTON, OR - One of the strange things about the coronavirus is that people who get it have a whole range of experiences. Some people have no symptoms at all while some are hit so hard it turns deadly. For one family in Hermiston, they all got it and they all had very different symptoms. 

Sara Barnett was hardest hit. She does have underlying health conditions so she thinks that may be why. She began quarantine in high spirits: posting silly songs she made up while she stayed safe at home. Then in May, the whole house got sick.

"On the seventh day, boom. I was majorly ill and I had to go the hospital," said Sara.

She spent two full weeks in the hospital. She just could not breathe well. Her body wasn't getting enough oxygen and she eventually ended up in the ICU.

"Basically they told me they were ready to put me on a ventilator," said Sara. "They wanted to give me one more hour on this really high-flow oxygen and see."

She said that's when she got worried. She the doctors told her only about 50% of patients come off of the ventilators alive. 

"Well, is there anything else they can do and they said well all we can do is make you comfortable," said Sara. "That hit home."

Fortunately, the high flow oxygen worked. She left the hospital on June 1st. Unfortunately, she did have to go back June 9-12 because of hospital-acquired pneumonia. Today, she still has problems with her lungs. The doctors describe it like shards of glass in there. She brought the oxygen home with her.

"They don't know if you're going to get it again," said Sara. "We're paranoid because the doctor is like don't think that you're immune because we don't know. So it's like we're sitting with a ticking time bomb."

Sara's husband recovered pretty easily. They are both in their early 50s. Sara's father, who is battling cancer and is 79, recovered well, too. They are all, however, still dealing with extreme fatigue and weakness. 

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