We have made a change to our free meal service to accommodate families with children who are sick. Starting April 1, if your child is sick, you may pick up a meal for them even if they are not present at the pick-up location. The parent/guardian will be asked to provide their full name and to attest that they have a child who could not be present.

KENNEWICK,WA- The Kennewick School District released a statement Wednesday evening stating free meals will continue; even if your child is not with parents.

KSD officials understand the service is needed and that is why families who are sick will still be assisted. 

The district office does remind families to only take one bag per child, per day.

They also urge families to not visit multiple collecting sites as they want to feed as many people as they can appropriately.

Free meals will continue to be served during the scheduled Spring Break.

For more information about the free meal service changes visit

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