Local wellness center offers COVID-19 antibody testing

KENNEWICK, WA - COVID-19 antibody testing is now available in our area.

Encore Wellness 4 Life started giving nasal tests to the public about a month ago. That test can determine if you are positive for COVID-19.

A few weeks ago, they also started performing antibody tests. The test looks for COVID-19 antibodies. It isn’t looking for the virus itself, but it can tell you whether or not your immune system has responded to the infection.

Encore says these antibody tests come from an FDA approved lab out of Boston called Boston Heart Diagnostics. The wellness center says the tests are FDA approved as well.

It’s important to note that this test cannot tell you if you are immune to the virus. But nurse practitioner Jennifer Keith Armstrong of Encore Wellness believes they are still important.

“The reason it’s important to do antibody testing now is because it’s quick, it’s easy [and] there aren’t a bunch of requirements anymore about who we can and can’t test. And the sooner people know whether or not they have antibodies, the sooner they’ll know if they can go back into work,” she said.

Encore says they believe it’s important to make antibody tests as accessible as possible, which is why you can opt for a drive up test if that’s what you prefer.

The wellness center says these tests are covered under every kind of insurance. It’s still covered if you haven’t met your deductible. If you don’t have insurance, tests are $125.

You can get in by the next day if you make an appointment, and test results are available within two days. Tests are available in Richland, Kennewick and Umatilla.

It’s also important to let you know the Benton Franklin Health District wrote in a blog post on Monday that it is not recommending anyone perform antibody tests right now.

The health district says quote, “although some products have had limited review for emergency use authorization from the food and drug administration, most have had no review whatsoever. Furthermore, few of these tests have been independently assessed for accuracy.”

You can find that blog post here.

More information from Encore Wellness 4 Life here.