KENNEWICK, WA - Several big, blue trailers are rolling out to test people by the thousands for COVID-19 and its antibodies. 

"We can do the gold standard," said Lynx Healthcare CEO, Ian Evans. "I mean, the type of test that we're ordering, there are lots out there, there's a big list but then there's what they're saying is the gold standard."

Lynx is using of the of the FDA emergency authorized tests and are also one of the few Washington Department of Health COVID-19 labs. One thing setting Lynx apart is their effort to eliminate human error in the testing process.

"We are so different in that way. We said, okay, we're already set up to do that. We're already molecular, we're already robotics-integrated, we already have one of the best scientists in the country for molecular. Why not just increase our capacity," said Evans.

They're working to increase not only capacity but accuracy for locals.

"There are some tests with published results that are only 85% accurate," said Evans. "That's what's published on the FDA site for that particular brand. We did not buy any of those tests. That's not good enough. We wanted you know 99 to 100% accuracy."
Lynx is partnering with companies to get entire workforces tested and back to work safely. There is a focus on restarting the economy but the bottom line is the public good.
"If that can make a difference in our community then why not do it," said Evans. "Why not care about the sweet grandma that's afraid to go to the grocery store because she's in that at-risk group. Why not make a difference. Why not help out."
Lynx can do up to 20,000 tests a week. It's a one stop shop through its website to sign up, get a tele-medicine call and go in for the tests. You can sign up HERE
They do take insurance but even if you are not covered the COVID-19 test is just $89.

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